A blog about having not yet blogged.

I make granola, working from home. It is a repetitive, not very brain straining kind of task, measuring, mixing and baking (day time food). Every day I bake I write a blog in my head. It may be about food, politics, my home state of Tasmania, being a work from home parent or my other occasional profession as a freelance butler. Nothing new really apart from maybe the butler thing. At least it keeps my mind occupied.
The catch is as I clean up from baking for the day two of three kids are arriving home from school and the youngest waking up from her afternoon nap. So it is straight into parenting duties. The blog in my head becomes a vague memory. As dinner is whipped up and homework mulled over what is left of the blog is filed away, somewhere, in the grey matter.
Once the kids are settled it is time to discuss Mrs Mc’s day at work. This is both enjoyable and frustrating. Both of us are long time hospitality people, interstate, overseas and once again back here in Tasmania. The enjoyment is in just sitting around with your partner talking, dissecting the events of the day; the frustration comes from the ‘interesting’ way her workplace operates. Hospitality is a strange business (that’s for another blog, filed away already, somewhere in there).
Of course by this time the interest in writing a blog has long since waned and I go to sleep dreaming, one day, I will write that first blog.
Today it dawned on me, with mobile device in one hand, mixing spoon in the other, why not type it as I think of it! So here it is, my first blog, about why I haven’t blogged yet. Between measuring, mixing and baking, here are few more words to further clog up the www.
Until next time…

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